My name isn't actually Lenni Jones, but it's my pen name so you don't get to know my real name. I am a teen who has a strange addiction to reading books. I have this blog so that teens who don't like reading can maybe find a book they would like. After all, a teen and a fifty year old are going to have different opinions on a book and other teens would probably like reviews from a fellow teen.
   I hope to some day own a book store and even publish a book or two. I AM a girl, despite the fact that I like being called Lenni. I absolutely hate it when people dog ear pages in their books. I get good grades so I can get money for more books. LenniLand is like my baby and I am so proud of myself for making it.  LenniLand may not be perfect, but that's not really the point.
   Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you like it.