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​Is there a book you couldn't find on here but you really wanna know about it? Easy peasy, just fill these boxes with the info I need and I'll see what I can do. But, just so you know, I might not be able to get to your request right away. I have tons of other books that I want to read. And, I might not be able to find the book you want, so keep that in mind. I can also make book recommendations if you just tell me that's what you want and I'll answer with a link to a form. Don't worry, and info you give me will not be shared with any person. Besides, it's all book related so it's not like I can use any of it against you.

If you are an author, I am honored that yoou are here on my blog. I accept advance copies of books if they sound like something I'd read. I also rate books the way I feel they should be rated so don't think I'll sugar it up for you if your book wasn't to my liking.

I have no life so I'll be able to get back to you soon. Thanks for visiting LenniLand!